Teaching Coding, Physical Computing, & Computational Thinking 

There is a lot of discussion these days about “Computer Science for All” and “Coding K-12.” Australia, the UK, and USA are a few of the nations advocating for every student to learn computer science. These well intentioned policy pronouncements are accompanied by anxiety and confusion as to what it all means and how to Read more about Teaching Coding, Physical Computing, & Computational Thinking […]

Free Whitepaper on Learning by Making

Constructing Modern Knowledge CEO Dr. Gary Stager authored a “whitepaper” for Intel on learning by making. Download The Guide to Creating and Inventing with Technology in the Classroom for free. Learn more about Gary Stager (bio, videos, publications) Learn more about the Constructing Modern Knowledge institute for educators Explore the books on creativity and learning by educators Read more about Free Whitepaper on Learning by Making[…]

Look what Teachers Can Do

Look at what preK-6 Mexican teachers did in my recent PBL 360 workshop in Guadalajara. This was their first experience with engineering, physical computing, and programming. They designed, created, and programmed these “birds” in less than two hours with the Hummingbird Robotics Kit and SNAP! The prompt was simple… “Make a Bird. Singing and dancing Read more about Look what Teachers Can Do[…]

Constructing Modern Knowledge 2017 Wrap-up

K-12 educators from around the world gathered recently in Manchester, New Hampshire to learn about learning by learning themselves. The 10th annual Constructing Modern Knowledge summer institute, July 11-14, was the place where educators could spend four days working on personally meaningful project development combining code, cutting-edge technology, and timeless craft traditions. For a decade, Read more about Constructing Modern Knowledge 2017 Wrap-up[…]

50th Anniversary Logo Resources

The Daily Papert – Seymour Papert text and multimedia archives The official obituary of Seymour Papert (1928-2016) by Gary Stager in Nature Remembrances and obituaries of Seymour Papert As the Maker Movement Turns 45, Gary Stager Pays Tribute to M.I.T. Computing Pioneer Cynthia Solomon from EdSurge MicroWorlds EX – Gary Stager’s favorite multimedia programming environment for learning Read more about 50th Anniversary Logo Resources[…]

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Logo at ISTE 2017

EdTech Leader Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Logo and Life of Seymour Papert at ISTE 2017 Lessons for Learning and “Coding” based on fifty years of practice Educational pioneer and teacher educator Gary Stager, Ph.D. to speak at his 30th International Society for Technology in Education annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas on June 27th. Read more about Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Logo at ISTE 2017[…]