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CMK Futures

Consequential professional development, dynamic speaking, hands-on events, consulting, curriculum planning, learning space design, grant writing, and more.

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Constructing Modern Knowledge

Constructing Modern Knowledge is the premiere learning-by-doing annual event for educators. Established in 2008.

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CMK Press

Constructing Modern Knowledge Press publishes visionary books by leading educators for educators interested in inventing the future.

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Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement by early 2018.

"Knowledge is a consequence of experience" - Jean Piaget

All of our workshops & professional development activities focus on active learning and knowledge construction

Liberating the creative potential of teachers is a great investment

For decades, we have helped educators teach for the future instead of the past
Experience counts.

The future starts today.

As recognized leaders in the educational maker movement, the team at CMK Futures is uniquely qualified to help you create learning experiences that prepare students to solve problems their teachers may never anticipate.

Inventing the future of education means trusting teachers as key stakeholders in the process. Modern education requires engaged, informed professionals who are partners in designing better learning experiences and shaping the modern learning environment.

Investing in that future makes sense.

Today is the right day to start.


In addition to our partners, CMK Futures can deploy expert educators worldwide to meet any need

Gary Stager, Ph.D.

Expertise includes S.T.E.M., Reggio Emilia approach. PBL, teaching at-risk learners, education reform, school design, curriculum, arts advocacy, & teacher education

Sylvia Martinez, MA

Expertise includes classroom making, engineering, design, girls and S.T.E.M., gaming, and issues of educational equity


No Post-It notes are harmed in any of our activities!

Educators don't just talk about learning in our workshops, they learn by doing.

The future starts today

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