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Resources for Learning with Wolfram Alpha & Wolfram Language

Getting Started with Wolfram Alpha and Wolfram Language

Wolfram Alpha

In Wolfram Alpha, click on to open the equation related to a Wolfram Alpha query in Wolfram Language

Create a new notebook in Wolfram [Language] Programming Lab

Reference/Tutorial Sites

Mathematica is free on the low-cost Raspberry Pi DIY computer

An Elementary Introduction to Wolfram Language [book]

MacArthur Genius and former Constructing Modern Knowledgeguest speaker Stephen Wolfram has published a new book and that’s always cause for celebration.

In Adventures of a Computational Explorer, “Wolfram takes the reader along on some of his most surprising and engaging intellectual adventures. From science consulting for a Hollywood movie, solving problems of AI ethics, hunting for the source of an unusual polyhedron, communicating with extraterrestrials, to finding the fundamental theory of physics and exploring the digits of pi, Adventures of a Computational Explorer captures the infectious energy and curiosity of one of the great pioneers of the computational world.”

Going from Wolfram Alpha to Wolfram Language – Launching Wolfram|Alpha Open Code

Wolfram Development Platform [for deploying your Wolfram Language apps]

Computational Thinking Project Ideas from Wolfram

Classic Steven Levy Wired Profile of Stephen Wolfram

Important Articles by Stephen Wolfram


Conrad Wolfram’s TED Talk

Stephen Wolfram’s Intro to Wolfram Language

Askwith Forum: Stephen Wolfram and Howard Gardner – Best Education in Computational Thinking 

Making Programming Accessible to Everyone with Wolfram Language

Stephen Wolfram Computational Universe in the MIT Artificial General Intelligence class lecture (March 2018)

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Curated by Gary Stager