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50th Anniversary Logo Resources

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The Daily Papert – Seymour Papert text and multimedia archives

The official obituary of Seymour Papert (1928-2016) by Gary Stager in Nature

Remembrances and obituaries of Seymour Papert

As the Maker Movement Turns 45, Gary Stager Pays Tribute to M.I.T. Computing Pioneer Cynthia Solomon from EdSurge

MicroWorlds EX – Gary Stager’s favorite multimedia programming environment for learning

The Invent To Learn Guide to Block Programming

What is Logo? And Who Needs it? (By Seymour Papert)

Why Logo? (By Brian Harvey)

The Invent To Learn Guide to Block Programming (updated 6/17)

The complete Logo Exchange journal archives

The December 1983/January 1984 issue of The (ICCE/now ISTE) Computing Teacher’s Special Logo Issue

ISTE’s Logo Exchange Perspectives on Papert issue

An Open Letter to the ISTE Interim CEO and Board – re: Seymour Papert

The Eight Big Ideas of Constructionist Learning in several languages

Getting Started with Hummingbird Robotics

Turtle Art Activity Cards, Math Activities and Download Information

Programmable toys for controlling with the iPad

Turtle Art web site

Scratchweb site

ScratchEd web site (education resources for educators)

Snap! web site

Cynthia Solomon’s Logo Things historical web site

Scratch programming books

Classic Logo project ideas by Gary Stager

A celebration of Papert’s life was convened at MIT on January 26, 2017. Video of the tributes may be found by clicking the image above.