November 1, 2016

Publications by Gary Stager


Gary Stager has authored hundreds of articles, scholarly papers, and book chapters over three decades. Here is a selection of those publications.


tedxasbX200Gary’s three TEDx Talks

Gary Stager “This is Our Moment “ – Conferencia Anual 2014 Fundación Omar Dengo (Costa Rica)

Gary Stager – Questions and Answers Section – Annual Lecture 2014 (Costa Rica)

Assorted keynote addresses, public presentations, and conversations on video


Five articles  by Gary Stager about effective project-based learning from The Creative Educator (PDF)

Invent To Learn Workshop Handout Kit and TMI Robot Poster


Books by CMK Press Gary Stager - Publisher

Books by CMK Press
Gary Stager – Publisher

(foreword) The Invent To Learn Guide to 3D Printing in the Classroom: Recipes for Success by David Thornburg, Norma Thornburg, and Sara Armstrong. 2014

(coauthor) Invent To Learn – Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom (with Sylvia Martinez) 2013

(contributor) The Muses Go to School: Inspiring Stories About the Importance of Arts in Education by Herbert R. Kohl and Tom Oppenheim 2012

(contributor) The Case for Computing  A chapter from the book, Snapshots! Educational Insights from the Thornburg Center (2004)

Computers for Kids, Not Schools (1993) from the book, Reflections of a Learning Community – Views on the Introduction of Laptops at MLC.

Articles by Gary in The Huffington Post

Gary Stager’s personal blog

Recent Conference Papers  & Salient Articles

Incomplete bibliography

Maker movement brings tinkering and technology to everyone (Canadian interview 2016)

The Guide to Creating and Inventing with Tech in the Classroom (for Intel – 2015)

“The Best Makerspace is Between Your Ears” published by the National School Boards Association. (June 2015)

Outside the Skinner Box: Can Educational Technology Make a Course Correction? from the Winter 2015 issue of Indepentend School Magazine.

Stanford University FabLearn Keynote Address Paper (2014)
Progressive Education and The Maker Movement — Symbiosis or Mutually Assured Destruction

Constructionism 2014 Paper (Vienna, Austria) August 19-23, 2014.
This is Our Moment (with video of plenary presentation)

Gary Stager’s Full ASCD Interview About Making (2014)

Educatiom Week interview with Sylvia Martinez and Gary Stager (2014)
Popular ‘Maker Movement’ Incompatible With Common Core, Authors Contend 

Making vs. Schooling (2014)

My Interview in California School Business Magazine (2014)

Final issue of ISTE’s  Learning and Leading with Technology cover story (2014)
The Maker Movement – A Learning Revolution (co-authored with Sylvia Martinez)

Scholastic Administrator magazine (2014)
What’s the Maker Movement and Why Should I Care?

Tech & Learning Magazine cover story on 3D Printing in the Classroom (2014)

American School and University magazine (2014)
Making Room for Maker’s Space

Wasted Intensity (2014)

And Then? 2014

Technology is not Neutral (2013)
Education Week

Scholastic Administrator magazine (2013)
For the Love of Laptops

A Constructionism Primer (2011)

Do The Real Thing Less talking “about and more doing! (2013)

What is CMK About?  (2013)

Curriculum Not Required Hugo’s learning story (2012)

Gary Raises Serious Questions About the Flipped Classroom (2012)

Breaking Bread (2012)

Dumbing Down (Computer Literacy) (2012)

Mission Accomplished (rethinking Accelerated Reader) (2012)

Choice, Duh! An article detailing the critical elements for successful project-based learning (2011)

Where is the List of Tech Skills? by Gary Stager
My response to the quest for measurement of student “tech skills.”

BYOD – Worst Idea of the 21st Century? (2011)

The Computer Lab as Learning Hub (2011)

Super-Awesome Sylvia in the Not So Awesome Land of Schooling (2011)

Curriculum Not Included (how to create problem solving classrooms) (2012)

Wanna be a School Reformer? You Better do Your Homework! (2010)

The Worst Book of the 21st Century (an updated review of A Whole New Mind by Dan Pink (2009)

Cover Story (GOOD Magazine) – Fall 2008
School Wars

An important monograph written in 1996
Computing and the Internet in Schools: An International Perspective on Developments and Directions

Constructionism 2012 Paper (Athens, Greece)
Friends of Papertian Constructionism

2008 Australian Conference on Educational Computing (Canberra)
A New Paradigm for Evaluating the Learning Potential of an EdTech Activity

Learning Adventures: A new approach for transforming real and virtual classroom environments

2007 EuroLogo XI (Bratislava, Slovak Republic)
Towards the Construction of a Language for Describing the Potential of Educational Computing Activities

2006 Australian Conference on Educational Computing (Cairns, Australia)
Has Educational Computing Jumped the Shark?

2005 National Educational Computing Conference (Philadelphia)
Constructiive Technology as the Key to Entering the Community of Learners

2005 World Conference on Computers in Education (Stellenbosch, South Africa)

2005 EuroLogo X (Warsaw, Poland)
Papertian Constructionism & the Design of Productive Contexts for Learning

2004 International Conference on Learning Sciences (Santa Monica, California)
Climbing to Understanding: Lessons from an Experimental Learning Environment for Adjudicated Youth co-authored with Seymour Papert and David Cavallo

2003 Proceedings of the 3.1 and 3.3 working groups conference on International federation for information processing: ICT and the teacher of the future – Volume 23 (Melbourne, Australia)
Online Constructionism and the Future of Teacher Education  co-authored with Terrence Cannings

Girls and Technology: Overcoming Myths and Malpractice (2002)
Thoughts presented as a keynote address at a Melbourne, Australia conference on girls and technology.

Computationally-Rich Constructionism and At-risk Learners (2001)
A paper presented at the 2001 World Conference on Computers in Education. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Constructionism as a High-tech Intervention Strategy for At-Risk Learners (2001)
Paper presented at the National Educational Computing Conference. Chicago, Illinois.

1998 NECC ’98: Proceedings of the National Educating Computing Conference (19th, San Diego, CA, June 22-24, 1998)

School is More than a Place – Laptops in Teacher Education (1997-98)

Kids with Laptops – The Antidote to Educational Computing (1997)
A Commentary by Gary S. Stager written in 1997 for Computelec Australia.

Laptops, Logo and Learning (1997)

Educational Leadership (October 1995)
Laptop Schools Lead the Way in Professional Development

Inventing the Future Yesterday – One School’s Attempt to Make Learning Personal (1994)

Articles in District Administration Magazine

Seeking the Sasquatch of Elementary School SciencePublished in the June 2013 issue of District Administration MagazineKeep the Wish List Short

Keep the Wish List Short
Giving parents a laundry list of supplies to buy is lousy public relations and exacerbates economic hardships.
Published in the July 2008 issue of District Administration

What’s a Computer For? Part II
Computer science is the new basic skill.
Published in the July 2008 issue of District Administration

What’s a Computer For? Part 1
It all depends on your educational philosophy.
Published in the June 2008 issue of District Administration

Online Videoconferencing
Web tools such as uStream make video broadcasting accessible.
Published in the June 2008 issue of District Administration

Keeping Up with the Future
Consider these suggestions for staying informed and inspired.
Published in the May 2008 issue of District Administration

The Games Teachers Play
We are cheating our students by turning reading into a game of dodgeball.
Published in the April 2008 issue of District Administration

Public Schools?
Be wary of a gift that might squash the benefits of public education.
Published in the April 2008 issue of District Administration

Please Say Thank You!
The time is now to thank your mentors and heroes.
Published in the March 2008 issue of District Administration

Teach the Kids You Have
There is no substitute for getting to know every student.
Published in the February 2008 issue of District Administration

Landscape of a Lifetime
Herb Kohl reflects on education today.
Published in the January 2008 issue of District Administration

Beyoncé Feels Your Pain
Let’s all make a simple New Year’s resolution.
Published in the January 2008 issue of District Administration

Articles Profiling Gary’s Professional Activities

  1. The New York Times: The Possibilities of Online Learning
  2. The New York Times: A Science Star Already, Tinkering With the Idea of Growing Up
  3. Parade Magazine: Can Video Games Teach Kids?
  4. WIRED: How Khan Academy Is Changing the Rules of Education
  5. Edutopia (2014)
  6. National Education Policy Center: For the Love of Laptops
  7. Education Week (2014)
  8. KQED Mindshift
    1. How to Turn Your School Into a Maker Haven (2014)
    2. The Maker Movement Finds Its Way Into Urban Classrooms (2013)
    3. Why Kids Need to Tinker to Learn (2013)
    4. Criticism of Online Learning Misses Important Questions (2011)
    Blog of the Pittsburgh Kids+Creativity Network: The Maker Movement Finds its Way into Pittsburgh Classrooms (2013)
  10. Quoted in the Press Enterprise newspaper regarding laptops
  11. National Public Radio’s Soundprint listen to the program
  12. Canberra Times (text) or (color pdf)
  13. The Desert Advocate (Arizona)
  14. Wired News
  15. Converge Magazine
  16. Lycos/Wired News
  17. Education Week

Gift-Giving Books
Book suggestions for learners of all ages.
Enhanced version of article that appeared in the December 2007 issue of District Administration

Arts for All!
There should be nothing elective about arts education.
Published in the December 2007 issue of District Administration

Lessons You Can’t Learn in a Book
Boeing makes my favorite educational technology. Gary takes another hard look at The World is Flat.
Published in the November 2007 issue of District Administration

Stop the Insanity
Simple strategies to address the growing epidemic of at-risk learners.
Published in the October 2007 issue of District Administration

Shaq’s Big Challenge
The gentle giant is schooled on schooling.
Published in the September 2007 issue of District Administration

My Plan to Fix NCLB
Federally-guaranteed universal summer camp. Save a seat for me!
Published in the August 2007 issue of District Administration

No Double Half-Caf Venti Low-Fat Mochaccino Left Behind
A challenge for school leaders.
Published in the July 2007 issue of District Administration

Refreshing the ISTE Technology Standards
Senior Editor Gary Stager interviews Don Knezek, CEO of ISTE, on the revised National Educational Technology Standards(NETS). Plus: Stager’s perspective.
Published in the June 2007 issue of District Administration

Oprah’s Edifice Complex 
What lessons for educators emerge from Oprah Winfrey’s $40 million school?
Published in the June 2007 issue of District Administration

Edugaming – A Bad Idea for All Ages 
Published in the May 2007 issue of District Administration

Newbery 451 
The Newbery Medal was awarded to a book in which the word “scrotum” appears. How are schools responding? Badly!
Published in the April 2007 issue of District Administration

The Parental Veto of Curriculum 
Fanaticism must not overrule district leadership.
Published in the March 2007 issue of District Administration

The Truth Shall Set You Free 
We all need to brush up on African-American history
Published in the February 2007 issue of District Administration

An Inconvenient Truth
Questions about student happiness are neither rhetorical nor frivolous
Published in the January 2007 issue of District Administration

Education’s Most Dangerous Idea: Curriculum
An unpublished article by Gary Stager (October 2006)

Students Gone Wild 
Cutting out the middle man – Me
Published in the December 2006 issue of District Administration

Homework Vs. the Happy Family
I often thought that my family would never argue, had it not been for school
Published in the November 2006 issue of District Administration

Reinventing the Square Wheel 
Is your district choking the potential out of exciting new technologies?
Published in the October 2006 issue of District Administration

An Open Letter to Bill Gates
Don’t give up on schools, there is still much to be done
Published in the August 2006 issue of District Administration

Unwind, Recharge, Bounce Back
Summer reading to make you a better educator
Published in the July 2006 issue of District Administration

Laptops in Adolescence 
Growing pains and disappointing the elders
Published in the June 2006 issue of District Administration

Guess Why They Call it MySpace?
It’s Time for Adults to Grow Up
Published in the May 2006 issue of District Administration

Sounds Great, Less Expensive
Will your school impede the creative development of your students or embrace tools that let you get out of the way? (Related to iLife ’06)
Published in the April 2006 issue of District Administration

Stop the Curriculum,There’s a Chance to Learn
The measurable learning outcomes of Coretta Scott King
Published in the March 2006 issue of District Administration

The Human Divide 
Education is the wrong career for martyrs
Published in the Feburary 2006 issue of District Administration

Jonathan Kozol Takes on The World – By Gary Stager
This educator’s latest book shines a bright light on what he calls this country’s big shame — not only are cities segregated, but the education we offer those city children is markedly worse.
Published in the January 2006 issue of District Administration

The Elephant in the Room 
Race and Class in America
Published in the January 2006 issue of District Administration

Reading Fads
Why Thomas Friedman Does Not Compute (Gary’s critical review of The World is Flat and the education community’s knee-jerk reaction to it.)
Published in the December 2005 issue of District Administration

Radical Reformer 
Dennis Littky drew on his 30 years of education innovation to create a new school model. Now he won’t be satisfied until he replicates it
throughout the country. (An extensive interview with Gary Stager)
Published in the November 2005 issue of District Administration

Letting the Sunshine In 
We need to decrease class size and increase expertise now! 
Published in the November 2005 issue of District Administration

Laptop Woes
Bungling the world’s easiest sale
An abridged version appears in the October 2005 issue of District Administration

Global Thoughts 
The future of our planet is based on education, justice and reconciliation
An abridged version appears in the September 2005 issue of District Administration

Gary Stager on Adults Behaving Badly 
Why are students and adults becoming antagonists?
Published in the August 2005 issue of District Administration

Gary Stager on How Computers May Save Music Education 
Express Yourself Over Summer Vacation
Published in the July 2005 issue of District Administration

Gary Stager on Tech Insurgents
Do Your Teachers Need a Computing IEP?
Published in the June 2005 issue of District Administration

Gary Stager on High-Quality Online Education
How to make your online courses better than your traditional classes.
Published in the May 2005 issue of District Administration

Gary Stager on International Educational Comparisons
Put on your dunce caps! It’s international education comparison season again!
Published in the April 2005 issue of District Administration

Gary Stager on The iPod Revolution
Are you ready for personal computing?
Published in the March 2005 issue of District Administration

Gary Stager on Tips for Effective Ed Tech
17 creative ways to enhance computer use in your district
Published in the February 2005 issue of District Administration

Gary Stager on the State of Ed Tech
Why the tech movement is on life support
Published in the January 2005 issue of District Administration

Mea Culpa 
The Editor-in-Chief and Owner of District Administration Magazine apologizes for Gary Stager’s views.
Published in the November 2004 issue of District Administration

Gary Stager on Lifelong Learning 
Picking up lessons for schools in 3/4 time.
Published in the November 2004 issue of District Administration

Gary Stager on Direct Instruction
This column explores the controversial intersection between education ideology and the GW Bush administration.
Published in the October 2004 issue of District Administration

Gary Stager on One-sided Back-to-School Parent Contracts 
Here’s a list of promises I Think Schools Should Keep.
Published in the September 2004 issue of District Administration

Gary Stager on John Kerry’s Education Plan
Do we need a tip-jar for teachers?
Published in the August 2004 issue of District Administration

Gary Stager on Jazz Education
What sort of mature culture relies on Jessica Simpson to “Save the Music?”
Or: Why I love Roy Haynes and why jazz matters.
Published in the July 2004 issue of District Administration

The Educational Technology Canon (pdf) 
What informed leaders in educational technology should read.
Published in the June 2004 issue of District Administration

What I Learned at Camp 
Is summer camp the solution to the quality teacher problem?
Published in the June 2004 issue of District Administration

Let them Eat Tech Standards!
A hole in the wall as science and public policy
Published in the May 2004 issue of District Administration

When Pigs Fly – Part Two
Gary Stager’s Technology Plan for America’s Schools – Part Two 
Published in the April 2004 issue of District Administration

When Pigs Fly – Part One
Gary Stager’s Technology Plan for America’s Schools – Part One 
Published in the March 2004 issue of District Administration

The Lying Curriculum 
It is wrong to lie to children. Adults entrusted with educating children must abide by this simple principle. Schools,
however, routinely shade the truth in the name of policy or curriculum.
Published in the February 2004 issue of District Administration

Pointing in the Wrong Direction
PowerPoint is ruining classes by depriving students and teachers of creativity
Published in the January 2004 issue of District Administration

Meet Frank Smith
Gifts of wisdom for educators
Published in the December 2003 issue of District Administration

The Case for Basket Weaving
Teacher preparation is too important to be discarded
Published in the November 2003 issue of District Administration

Who Moved My Stalag? Awakening the Leader Within
Published in the October 2003 issue of District Administration

Leader to Leader
Inspiration for The Year Ahead from some of America’s leading educators.
Published in the September 2003 issue of District Administration

Embrace the Back Row
The start of the school year is a time to reflect on our past practice and relationships with students.
Published in the September 2003 issue of District Administration

The Lessons of American Idol
Educators can translate what worked in the television show into their district.
Published in the August 2003 issue of District Administration

Halt the Testing Madness
Before accepting overtesting as inevitable, try debating the issue with parents and students.
Published in the July 2003 issue of District Administration

The End of Textbooks
With so many vital sources of information available to students, why are schools slavishly holding onto textbooks?
Published in the June 2003 issue of District Administration

A Lotta Coloring Goin’ On
The teaching of writing is as outdated as the indented paragraph. Here are some ways to fix it.
Published in the May 2003 issue of District Administration

Knot in My Class!
Alarmists would like you to believe that crayons and mud pies are developmentally appropriate. KidPix is not.
Published in the April 2003 issue of District Administration

Laptops in Education – Reinventing the Slate
What Silicon Valley Giveth, Schools Taketh Away
Published in the March 2003 issue of District Administration

The ISTE Problem
ISTE’s vague standards and an exclusionary “seal of alignment” make one wonder whose side the group is on.
Published in the February 2003 issue of District Administration

February Issue of District Administration Magazine
Read There’s Something About Gary by Wayne D’Orio, Gary’s controversial article, The ISTE Problem, letters to the editor
about Why Teacher’s Don’t Use Computers and the first installment of the Mac Advocate column. PDF format (approx. 800K)
Published in the February 2003 issue of District Administration

Why’s the Weather
Scripts, curriculum fillers and a lack of vigorous thoughts are only three of the things wrong with schools today.
Published in the January 2003 issue of District Administration

Why teachers don’t use computers
Blocked Web sites, IT staff that exist to hinder staff, and restrictive policies make integrating technology too hard to overcome.
No other column by Gary Stager has generated so many negative responses.
Published in the December 2002 issue of District Administration

The Power of Her Ideas
Education expert Deborah Meier explains why trusting teachers, involving parents and knowing your students are still the
foundation of a great education. Gary Stager interviews this visionary educator.
Published in the November 2002 issue of District Administration

Infectious Ideas 
Sound bites and Peter Drucker will not fix education
Published in the November 2002 issue of District Administration

Enron and Education
Why are education experts being tossed aside in favor of politicians and business officials?
Published in the October 2002 issue of District Administration

Beat the Band
Lessons learned, and unlearned, while trying to stay in tune. Gary’s monthly column takes on disturbing trends in
instrumental music education.
Published in the September 2002 issue of District Administration

The Best Kept Secret This Side of Italy
Reggio Emilia has been an Italian success story since it was created more than 50 years ago. Learn how it can improve
preschool education in the United States. Gary speaks with leading experts on early childhood education.
Published in the August 2002 issue of District Administration

Laptops Keep Falling on My Head
Maine’s great laptop experiment should not be picked at, but applauded.
Published in the July 2002 issue of District Administration

I’m Outta Here
Want to know why one of the most dynamic school leaders in the last 30 years is walking away from his post? Australia’s
Wesley College principal explains it all to Gary Stager.
Published in the July 2002 issue of District Administration

Summer Reading with a Purpose
Get in some interesting summer reading that will reinvigorate you for September.
Published in the June 2002 issue of District Administration

Opus One
Critics of computers in education often argue the investment in technology detracts from the arts. This does not need to be
the case. Increasingly powerful and easy-to-use music hardware and software can rejuvenate any school music program
Published in the May 2002 issue of District Administration

In Search of the Holy Grail
Better living through turkey jerky and other “amazing” products
Published in the May 2002 issue of District Administration

Word of the Day
It’s a simple that has multiple meanings. (one of my funniest columns)
Published in the April 2002 issue of District Administration

A Novel Idea
Literacy’s Secret Weapon
PDF file
Published in the March 2002 issue of District Administration

Kids are People Too? The New Three-Fifths Compromise
Gary takes issue with the Supreme Court over the issue of peer-grading.
This is an unabridged version of a column published in the February 2002 issue of District Administration

Introducing the Latest Leadership Trend – Talking
Published in the January 2002 issue of District Administration

Cut the Cord
How Networks are Making Schools Stupid
Published in the December 2001 issue of District Administration

The Digital Video Toolkit
Digital video production, editing and publishing offer genuine opportunities for kids to learn and express that knowledge in
new ways. This feature provides an overview of digital media and a collection of recommended resources. WARNING: The article is a 16 mb PDF file.
Click here for the HTML version of this article.
Published in the December 2001 issue of District Administration

Back to Rule
We must address behavior and not technology
Published in the November 2001 issue of District Administration

What are They Shooting At?
Making Sense of the Math Wars
Published in the October 2001 issue of District Administration

Distance Education?
Gary explores the critical distinctions between distance education and distributed learning.

Let’s Reconstitute Our Arguments!
Fighting the Federal education plan on the correct battlefield
Published in the September 2001 issue of Curriculum Administrator

Coming to a Classroom Near You!
One seventh grader’s journey includes learning math through Scooby Doo
Published in the August 2001 issue of Curriculum Administrator

Me and Mr. Jones
The story of a boy’s academic pursuits in New Jersey and education’s lack of progress since then…
Published in the July 2001 issue of Curriculum Administrator

Ah… Spring!
A remarkable tale of standardized test stupidity.
Published in the July 2001 issue of Curriculum Administrator

Drop Everything and Read!
Gary’s bizarre recollections of reading in elementary school. There are but a few reading memories I have from my childhood…

Using Computers as Creative Tools
The debate about technology’s place in classrooms might vanish if the machines are used to expand students’ self-expression.
This article was originally entitled, “Steve Job Gets It!”
Published in the March 2001 issue of Curriculum Administrator

“Social” Studies
Amidst the sadism, angst and mediocrity of middle school, two social studies teachers had an important impact on my development.
Published in the July 2000 issue of Curriculum Administrator

Speaking Out: An Interview with Jonathan Kozol
Kozol speaks with Gary Stager about his new book, Ordinary Ressurections: Children in the Years of Hope
Published in the June 2000 issue of Curriculum Administrator

Everything I Know About Reading Instruction – I Learned from Oprah Winfrey
Published in the May 2000 issue of Curriculum Administrator

Roger Wagner’s Intermission – An interview with Roger Wagner
Published in the April 2000 issue of Curriculum Administrator

Every Kid a Publisher
Published in the November 1999 issue of Curriculum Administrator

A School Story
Published in the June 1999 issue of Curriculum Administrator

Teaching with Toys (Make Your Own Furby)
Published in the May 1999 issue of Curriculum Administrator

Interview with Susan Ohanian
Author, Susan Ohanian talks with Gary Stager about her controversial new book, One Size Fits Few: The Folly of Educational Standards
Published in the April 1999 issue of 
Curriculum Administrator

Demystifying Professional Development
Published in the February 1999 issue of Curriculum Administrator

Computers used to be identical boxes. But a new crop of specialized devices is
changing all that. Here’s a look.
Published in the January 1999 issue of Curriculum Administrator

The story of students creating a streaming audio radio station on the web.
Published in the November/December 1998 issue of Curriculum Administrator

Laptops and Learning
Can laptop computers put the “C” (for constructionism) in Learning?
Published in the October 1998 issue of Curriculum Administrator

Munchkin Mozarts
Published in the September 1998 issue of Curriculum Administrator

Empowering Young Mathematicians and Scientists Through Technology
Published in the October 1998 issue of Curriculum Administrator

Planning for a Web-based Curriculum – The Internet’s Benefits for the Educational Process
Published in the May 1998 issue of Curriculum Administrator

Assorted Old Stuff


New Trends, New Learning Opportunities
As we approach the new millenium, technology – and its use in schools – continues to evolve
Published in Upgrade, The Magazine of the Software Publisher’s Association – December 1998/January 1999

The Overtesting of America
Wired News and Lycos (2001)
Gary Stager was featured in an interview about the insanity of betting our children’s future on high-stakes tests.

False Profits: Expertise and Educational Computing (2001)
An extremely provocative critique of the state of educational computing by Gary Stager (April 2001)

In Defense of Seventh Grade Laptops (November 2000)
An unpublished letter to the editor of The Portland Press Herald newspaper

Letter to the Editor of eSchool News (1999)
Gary responds to hysteria involving costly panic related to perceived threats of school violence.

Laptop Schools Lead the Way in Professional Development (1995)
Gary’s October 1995 article from the pages of Educational Leadership

Telling the Hyped from the Helpful (1999)
An Interview with Gary Stager for the CUE Newsletter by Stephen Marcus.

Laptops in School – A Wonderfully Cautionary Tale (1997)
This new major reflection on 10 years of work in ‘laptop schools’ will appear as a chapter in a book about laptop learning
published by the Children’s Technology Foundation entitled, Transforming Learning. For more information, click here.

Taking Back the Net – Part 1 of 4
Taking Back the Net – Part 2 of 4
Taking Back the Net – Part 3 of 4
Taking Back the Net – Part 4 of 4
A series of articles addressing the educational planning, leadership and common sense required for successful use of the Internet. From Hotsource.

A Not-so-funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Future
The International Society for Technology in Education invited Gary to write a column for their newspaper, The Daily Leader, distributed at the 2004 National Educational Computing Conference in New Orleans.

Editorials from Logo Exchange

On Learning, Ideas and Clip-Art (1999)

Should your students use clip-art in projects? Where do teachers get good computing ideas from?

New Ways to Remember in MicroWorlds (1999)

The Flipside of Logo Maths (1998)

Logo circa ‘97, Worth A Closer Look (1997)